Office plants

Plants have the power to transform an office space, bringing a slice of nature indoors and injecting a dash of colour.

Whether you're looking for a striking statement plant or something quieter, Patch helps you find the right plants for your space and delivers them to your door. We will also help you maintain your plants to keep them looking as fresh as when they arrived.

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Best plants for the office

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Free delivery over £60. We deliver to London (postcodes starting with N, NW, E, EC, SE, SW, W, or WC) and also Beckenham, Ilford, Kew, Kingston, Richmond and Surbiton.

Plants for a reception

When it comes to the reception area - first impressions count. Here we've brought together some great low-maintenance, architectural plants which will make an impact and help give people a warm welcome to your space.

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Plants for desk space

Filling desks with plants is a great way of adding some colour to an office. Easy to look after and with a mix of textures and colours, our desk space collections will help sprinkle some greenery into your office space.

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Plants for a meeting room

Meeting rooms are a great space to encourage some greenery in your office and we have put together a combination of low-maintenance desk and floor plants that will do exactly that.

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Plants for a bookshelf

Bookshelves give you an opportunity to do something different and with that in mind, we've selected a range of hanging and smaller plants that will add some life to the space you have available.

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