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Norway Spruce

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About Bruce

Bruce the Norway Spruce will fill your home with the most festive fragrance and elegant form. He's an absolute classic but beware his prickly character and needle-shedding abilities.

Size and shape

Bruce is available from 3ft all the way up to 9ft. He's a narrower and slightly more affordable tree than Nora. His needles are also sharper to touch.

How to keep her looking great

The Norway Spruce is not what you'd call a 'non-drop' tree. While a Nordman Fir retains its needles throughout the period, this guy is more susceptible to falling needles. As a result, Bruce can't be delivered before the 15th December. If you need him delivered before then, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Bruce does not come with a stand. To keep him looking his best, we recommend popping Bruce in one of our water-holding stands so that he can have a drink to counter the effect of a dry and warm environment of a London home. Make sure the stand is topped up regularly.

Why Bruce?

Choose Bruce if you want a fragrant, narrow and elegant tree. Nora is your better bet if you're after a full and low-maintenance tree.

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