6-7ft non-drop Christmas tree

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

Our 6-7ft Nora, the Nordman Fir, makes the perfect Christmas feature if you're got a corner to fill. What's more, you won't find it a better quality tree for cheaper anywhere in London so pick one up while they're stocks last!

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The queen of Christmas trees, Nora the Nordman Fir is renowned for her uniform shape, her plush, soft foliage and her magical needle-retaining abilities. 

The peerless tree stand – this guy will do the job well while also providing a well for your tree to drink from so it lasts longer this Christmas.

Batman and Robin, fish and chips, Christmas trees and fairy lights. Better yet, this sidekick comes in three different lengths and two colours to fit every tree and taste.

Beautiful decorations handmade in India by traditional artisans. Available as mixed boxes of ten in gold, red and silver themes.

Have your tree picked up and recycled by Patch in the new year. Available in two different formats.

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6-7ft 'Nora' with all the trimmings

Contains one 6-7ft Nordman Fir, one water-retaining Cinco 7ft stand, one set of 10m warm-white lights, and two packs of handmade red decorations.


or hand-pick what you’d like

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