House plants have the power to transform a space, bringing a slice of nature indoors. Whether you're looking for a large, statement plant  or plants for your living room, bedroom or bathroom, we have a collection to suit your taste and needs from our low-maintenance houseplants and shade-lovers to our NASA-approved air purifying plants and mixed succulents

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Plants for the bedroom

The bedroom can be transformed by plants not just due to their appearance but also, if you choose the right ones, thanks to their capacity to cleanse the air of toxins and ultimately help you sleep better. Our selection of plants will work well for any bedroom, be it well lit or poorly lit.

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Plants for the living room

Through a range of shades and shapes this collection of plants will work wonders to bring some life to your living area and also help to cleanse its environment of any nasty toxins.

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Plants for the bathroom

Bathrooms are great spaces for plants as they are often the most humid rooms in a home, making watering a less frequent requirement. Here, we'll help you find the right ones for any type of bathroom.

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Plants for the kitchen

In the kitchen, space comes at a premium so that's why we've selected some small beautiful plants that will bring touches of nature to your kitchen without taking up that much needed room.

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Plants for the corridor

The best place for a houseplant is very often the spot that nothing else could fill. Be it on a walkway, a staircase, or landing, I love to use compact, eye-catching plants to draw the eye and make an impression.

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Plants for the study

Research has found that plants in the office can not only improve productivity and happiness but they can also purify the air of toxic pollutants and help absorb noise pollution - so pretty much a must-have for every office.

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