A dimly lit living room

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

In a less-lit space, you can depend on the ever-reliable Howea to draw the eye and our 'unkillable' range that comprise of the Aspidistra, Zamioculcas, Chamaedorea and sansevierias to contribute their own unique shapes and textures whilst living up to their low-maintenance reputation.

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Featured plants

This 4ft 'Kentia' palm, that we like to call 'Big Ken', is a great plant for filling a small space, thanks to its narrow base that broadens as it rises. Its soft arching fronds hang gently from above making it an excellent plant to instantly transform your living room into a greener, more natural environment. 

The 'Parlour Palm', Chamaedorea, is a soft palm that is perfect for a table-top or for filling a space be it a bookshelf or a dingy spot on the floor. Harder than her gentler form would suggest, 'Sharon' as we call her, is a must-have for areas of low light.

The Zamioculcas is relatively new to the world of house plants, only widely available since the early 00s. We love 'Sammy's' ambitious stems that resemble a busy network of roads. She's very low maintenance too, making her the perfect house plant.

The superhero of plants, Sansevieria releases oxygen into a space during the night which not just cleanses the environment but also helps you sleep better. Its shape is behind its numerous nicknames that include 'St. George's Sword' and 'Mother-in-law's tongue'.

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This collection includes 1 4ft Howea Forsteriana, 1 large Chamaedorea, 1 large Zamioculcas, 1 Aspidistra and 2 small Sansevierias.

Pots for all plants included. 


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