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Though your space may not be blessed with lots of natural light, it doesn't mean you have to go without - here are our top picks for plants that will thrive in shadier spaces. 

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Mick the corn plant is an impressive specimen who will, in return for just a little attention from time to time, happily show off to you his shiny, elegant leaves. If you're extremely lucky, he will even grow small, white flowers as well – and all for minimal effort!

Howard the Aspidistra is the Tony Stark of plants: this cast-iron superplant is nearly indestructible and can handle reasonable neglect, but what a shame it would be to leave him to gather dust in a dark corner when you could make the most of his impressive form.

We reckon Cassie the Zamioculcas can't work out whether she's a fern, a succulent or, the world's oldest plant, a cycad. But, thankfully, she's taken the best from each and created an an excellent candidate for a houseplant. Her upright growth, dark-green colouring, distinctive shape and her tolerance of shade make her perfect for any home.

Our Peace lily Pippa can offer a calming presence to the home thanks to her soft dark-green foliage, year-round flowers and her ability to tolerate deep shade.

We love Juliette the Calathea  for her magnificent foliage, which doesn't just look beautiful, it's amazing to touch too. These indoor plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them gorgeously ornate, looking as if a talented artist has taken a brush to them. Yet perhaps most remarkable is the way in which they unfurl their leaves in the morning to catch the daylight before curling up once more to go to sleep at night. 

Sharon the Chamaedorea almost swaggers with her elegant, arched palm-fronds. Originally from Mexico, this lady has been one of the most popular indoor plants since Victorian times (she's nicknamed the 'Parlour Palm') and she'll easily thrive in any spot in a home or workplace.

Phil the Philodendron Scandens has been a main-stay in the houseplant team for generations, thanks mostly to his dramatic heart-shaped foliage. He is not only bold, but also easy to care for if you keep an eye out for his signs of good and poor health. 

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Includes one Dracaena fragrans, one Aspidistra, one medium Zamioculcas, three small Sansevierias, one medium Peace lily, one Calathea, one medium 50-60cm Chamadorea, one medium Boston fern, one Philodendron scandens. Pots for all plants are included. 


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