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If your living room is blessed with lots of natural light then these sun-loving plants will help to brighten up the corners, shelves and table tops of your living area.

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Originally from western Africa, Fidel will help your space achieve a tropical look with his lyre-shaped leaves. As a result, he thrives in tropical conditions: you can recreate these by placing him in bright, filtered light and misting him once in a while to increase the ambient humidity.

Originating from Sri Lanka, Joseph is the diva of the indoor plant world: you simply cannot ignore him. If you keep him in a bright spot he'll be as happy as Larry and you'll find his leaves a sight to behold. His colours range from reds, to yellows, to greens – hence the nickname 'Joseph's Coat' – and his leaves have a lovely waxy feel to them.

Native to the Americas, from Patagonia in the south to Canada in the north, cacti are typically found in sites that are subject to drought, and Ian here is no different. Ian's branches resemble a candelabra, hence his common name 'Candelabra tree'.

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Contains one Big Fidel {Ficus lyrata}, one Joseph {Codiaeum}, one Ian {Euphorbia ingens}, one small Susie {Sansevieria} and three tiny Suri {Succulent}. Pots for all plants are also included.  


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