Here at Patch, we bring you fresh, seasonal ideas that will inject life and colour into your urban space throughout the changing seasons as well as the pots and accessories you need to get you started. Whether you're looking for plants for a balcony, window sill or patio garden, you'll be able to find a lovely range of low-maintenance plants that will thrive in your space. 

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Plants for the balcony

London balconies come in all shapes and sizes and whilst some are fairly sheltered, the vast majority of plants living at altitude need to be tough enough to withstand the extremes of wind, rain and shine. That's why we've put together collections that combine our heavy-weight plants that will bring colour and greenery to your space throughout the seasons whilst being tough enough to withstand everything the British climate has to throw at it!

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Plants for the patio

If chosen well, patio plants have the power to transform your garden into an urban oasis to be enjoyed throughout the seasons. Here at Patch, we've put together three different styles with a balance of low-maintenace plants that will thrive in the sunnier and shadier spots of your garden.  

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Plants for the windowsill

Windowsills are a fantastic and satisfying place to dip your toes into urban gardening. Whether you have space for a windowbox or just a few small potted plants, these low-maintenance ideas will help breathe life, colour and greenery into your small but perfect space all year round. 

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