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Not all plants were born equal and here we've put together a shortlist of our 10 favourites....shhh...don't tell the others. Whether it's to fill a single window box or to kit-out an entire urban garden, our top 10 outdoor plants will sort you out. Not only do they look great, they are all exceptionally low-maintenance. A win-win. 

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Laura is better known as a Bay tree and is a timeless plant, with good reason: it's hard to make her look out of place whether she's on a small balcony or a larger terraced garden. As well as being among our edible plants, Laura is also very low maintenance. Win win.

Mae the Chamaerops Humilis is an all-round people-pleaser, indeed she's been our most popular outdoor plant at Patch since we launched in 2016. Statuesque and easy-to-maintain, she is a superb plant for beginners and veterans alike.

Try Rebecca our Australian ivy as an attractive alternative to English ivy as a trailer for troughs and pots. Not only will she love lounging outside, she's also more than happy to come inside – great on shelves and worktops.

You might not be able to live in the Mediterranean but you can certainly bring a slice of it to London with lovely Ollie the Olive tree. He's known as 'the tree of eternity' due to his capacity to regenerate after fire, which we hope you'll never have to experience.

If you want to attract the London bees and butterlies to your space then Daisy the Moroccan daisy is just the plant for you as they can't resist her white and yellow, daisy-like flowers that bloom between May-June and again between August and September. If Daisy won't bring a smile to your face, we don't know who else will...

Throughout Spring and Summer, Tim the Armeria maritima blooms pink cup-shaped flowers on top of evergreen tufts of grass. As a perennial, he'll come back for more every year, making him an excellent addition to a low-maintenance urban garden.

Ron the Rhododendron is somewhat of a classic, who comes into his own in late Spring, showing off the most superb display of white flowers. A real charmer.

Snowy the Bacopa snowflake takes his name from the tiny white snowflake flowers that cascade in hanging trails between May-October. When you plant little Snowy out, each 'plug' plant will be dotted with just a few flowers but after a few weeks after planting, each stem will be magically transformed into flower covered trails that are perfect for brightening up a windowsill, hanging trough or pot.

Look carefully and you'll find Cubby the Japanese laurel dotted around a number of London's gardens, thanks to his beautiful colouring and easy-to-maintain habit. He's especially happy when planted in shady gardens, making him the ideal candidate for those trickier sites.

Gerry is a delightful imposter. Known commonly as a Geranium, but actually a Pelargonium, he doesn't trick anyone in to loving him thanks to his easy-to-grow habit and long flowering period.

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