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Not all plants were born equal and here we've put together a shortlist of our 10 favourites....shhh...don't tell the others. Whether it's to fill a single window box or to kit-out an entire urban garden, our top 10 outdoor plants will sort you out. Not only do they look great, they are all exceptionally low-maintenance. A win-win. 

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Laura is better known as a Bay tree and is a timeless plant, with good reason: it's hard to make her look out of place whether she's on a small balcony or a larger terraced garden. As well as being among our edible plants, Laura is also very low maintenance. Win win.

Gia, our Hydrangea Macrophylla is a firm favourite at Patch. With elegant, spherical flowers that bloom throughout the summer, she's a classic and is a must-have in any English garden.

Try Rebecca our Australian ivy as an attractive alternative to English ivy as a trailer for troughs and pots. Not only will she love lounging outside, she's also more than happy to come inside – great on shelves and worktops.

You might not be able to live in the Mediterranean but you can certainly bring a slice of it to London with lovely Ollie the Olive tree. He's known as 'the tree of eternity' due to his capacity to regenerate after fire, which we hope you'll never have to experience.

Turf Lily, named as Kiri is a wonderful flowering addition for a spot receiving three hours of sun or less. Her gorgeous wands of vibrant purple flowers begin to bloom at the end of summer and will go on right until November.

Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gaiety, or only Emerald is a star - her white and green marbled leaves are as tough as old boots and trail so gracefully. Her nimble nature means that she will hang down or climb up depending where you choose to plant her but what won't change is her easy-going attitude to maintenance and her colour which retains its green and white habit throughout the year.

Though originating from Eastern China and Japan, the Ilex Crenata Ball kindly named as Holly requires minimal maintenance. Her compact glossy leaves will keep your space looking green throughout the year.

Unlike the majority of bamboos, the Fargesia Robusta Pingwu, kindly named as Boo is a non-invasive variety and will therefore only grow within the parameters you give him, making him perfect for a container. His familiar bamboo-shaped leaves forms dense clumps which help create a lovely privacy screen in planted in a row.

Look carefully and you'll find Cubby the Japanese laurel dotted around a number of London's gardens, thanks to his beautiful colouring and easy-to-maintain habit. He's especially happy when planted in shady gardens, making him the ideal candidate for those trickier sites.

Tiarella is a true gem of the shade-loving plants - her star-shaped white-pink flowers rise above her green and purple-brown speckled foliage. As well as keeping Tia well watered, to ensure she blooms for the longest time possible, remove spent flowerheads by simply pulling off the whole stem at the base of the plant - they should just pop off! This will allow her to focus her efforts on new growth rather than trying to keep spent flowers alive. 

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