Contemporary collection for sunnier sites

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

This contemporary collection of plants is perfect for a sunnier corner in your garden, as it will thrive from the warmer afternoon sun.

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Featured plants

Better known as a Bay tree, Laura is a timeless plant and with good reason: it's hard to make her look out of place whether she's on a small balcony or a larger terraced garden. As well as being among our edible plants, Laura is also very low maintenance.

Peter is a favourite in gardens all over the country but is particularly popular in contemporary gardens that look to adopt a geometric theme.

Esther, whose bright blue tufts are hard to resist, works brilliantly in any contemporary urban garden to bring some textural interest or a vivid splash of colour.

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Contains one Bay tree, one Buxus pyramis and two Festuca Glauca. Polystone pots, a hanging planter and appropriate compost are included for all plants.


Sorry! This isn't available right now

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