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These plants will thrive in – and enliven – a darker, dingier corner of your garden. In particular, the Aucuba and Ilex crenata balls are two of our favourites at Patch thanks to their low-maintenace habit.

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Ace is a classic Japanese tree that has become a firm favourite in British gardens. His leaves, shaped like open hands, are iconic and become deep red in Autumn. Just be sure you plant him in ericacaeous compost - included below.

Look carefully and you'll find Cubby dotted around a number of London's gardens, thanks to his beautiful colouring and easy-to-maintain habit. He's especially happy when planted in shady gardens, making him the ideal candidate for those tricky sites.


Japanese Holly or Ilex crenata, is not only an effective architectural plant, he's also an underrated and underused gem for an urban garden.


Beryl is a real beauty, who loves nothing more than to spread out in a damp, shady spot in the garden. No doubt about it, Beryl is your girl for those hard-to-plant spots.

Last but certainly not least, are the dainty, dark-pink Calibrachoa that will trail gracefully and look gorgeous planted in unison in one of our Fresco terracotta troughs however make sure they have just a few hours of sunlight a day. 

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Contains one Acer, one little Aucuba Japonica, one Ilex Crenata, one Dryopteris Affinis fern and eight Calibrachoa. Terracotta pots and appropriate compost are included for all plants.


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