Oriental garden

Gardens from the Far East are well known for emphasising evergreen varieties in different shapes, sizes, shades and textures. In this combination, we've tried to do just that thanks to the taller bamboo and Japanese maple juxtaposing the delicate dark green Hackonehloa and Ilex crenata and the black grass and ferns apposing the colourful  Alpine succulents and white-flowering Bacopa. 

  • An oriental garden is not easy to recreate in the inner city as it seeks to be perfectly true reflection of nature in all its forms. But there are a few simple tricks to help with this, such as placing rocks between the plants and applying a deliberately casual and assymetrical approach to how you arrange the plants.  

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When I think of Oriental gardens, I think of spaces of calm and balance. We've sought to recreate that in this largely verdant collection of Japanese plants (and some friendly imposters!)

– Freddie, Founder of Patch