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Though your space may not be blessed with lots of natural light, it doesn't mean you have to go without - here are our top picks for plants that will thrive in shadier spaces. 

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Look carefully and you'll find Cubby the Japanese laurel dotted around a number of London's gardens, thanks to his beautiful colouring and easy-to-maintain habit. He's a good all-rounder who tolerates full sun to full shade, but is particullary happy in part sun, part shade.

Tia the Tiarella is the true gem of the shade loving plants - her star-shaped white-pink flowers rise above her green and purple-brown speckled foliage.

Beryl the Golden shield fern is a real beauty, who loves nothing more than to spread out in a damp, shady spot in the garden. No doubt about it, Beryl is your girl for those hard-to-plant spots.

Mae the Chamaerops humilis is an all-round people-pleaser, indeed she's been our most popular outdoor plant at Patch since we launched in 2016. Statuesque and easy-to-maintain, she is a superb plant for beginners and veterans alike.

Asplenium, who we like to call Astrid, is a real trooper. Her tongue-shaped, pointy green leaves will add a freshness to your garden that lasts all year as Astrid is an evergreen plant that is fantastic for those hard-to-fill shady spaces as there's little that will phase her.

Kiri our Turf lily is a wonderful flowering addition for a spot receiving three hours of sun or less and is one of the favourite autumnal plants among the Patch team. Her gorgeous wands of vibrant purple flowers begin to bloom at the end of summer and will go on right until November. A much needed burst of colour for the autumn!    

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Contains one Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia, one Tiarella Pink Sky Rocket, three Dryopteris Affinis, one Chamaerops Humilis, three Asplenium Scolopendrium and one Liriope Muscari. Pots, compost and drainage material are also included. 


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