Jade plant

{ Crassula ovata; money plant; lucky plant; friendship tree }

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About Jade

Jade has long been considered a plant bringing good luck to those who look after her. Her rubbery, oval-shaped leaves store water inside which mean she won't mind the occasional missed watering and in early spring, her leaves will reward you with delicate clusters of pink star-shaped flowers to admire. She is a sun-lover so will be perfectly placed in a sunny corner of your living room, bedroom or office.


Estimated height: 85-95cm

Jade won't grow much past 1m.


Jade will flourish in sunny conditions, giving her leaf edges a red tint however just a few hours of direct sunlight will be enough to keep her happy.


Jade hates her roots being sat in water as this willl eventually cause her roots to rot so make sure you pour off any excess water left over after watering.

Watering and feeding

Jade doesn't like to be overwatered so make sure you allow her soil to dry out between waterings. Apply a liquid fertiliser once per month in the spring and summer to help promote new growth.

Living with pets and children

Jade is mildy toxic to pets and children if consumed.

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