Small Pink orchid

{ Phalaenopsis }


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About Alice

Alice is very well known throughout the indoor plant kingdom, although her popularity has only emerged over the past 10 years. In the wild, Alice likes to grow on rocks and trees, using them as a support and feeding off plant debris accumulated from around the roots. She has a tall, slender stem and can flower all year round.


Estimated height: 40-60cm; Pot width: 12cm

Alice will not grow taller than 60cm.


Alice likes lots of indirect sunlight, and can even thrive in the shadier places in your home. Keeping her in warmer conditions will also keep her happy.


Alice hates direct sunlight, as her petals will scorch if left without protection.

Watering and feeding

Unless kept in a humid space such as a bathroom or kitchen, Alice likes watering once every week. However, be sure to tip away any excess water as she is very vulernable to root rot. Fed once a month with a liquid fertiliser will also keep her glowing.

Living with pets and children

Your pets and children will be safe and sound playing around Alice.

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