Tradescantia 'sitara'

{ Mosses in the cradle; Tradescantia spathacea }


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About Gaby

Our colourful Tradescantia spathacea 'Sitara' is a stunning indoor plant that can bring joy to any space. If looked from the top, her leaves are striped with tones of cream and green, but from the side, you can see her amazing purple and pink foliage.


Estimated height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant: 25-30cm; Nursery pot width: 12cm


Gaby is very easy-going and happily grows in a bright light spot. But be careful as her leaves are sensitive, so don't leave her exposed directly to the sunlight.


There are only two things that upset our Tradescantia spathacea; the excess of water and very sunny spots.

Watering and feeding

The watering schedule will vary depending upon the temperature and lighting that Gaby will receive. Make sure that the top of her soil is dry before giving a moderate watering (usually every 7-10 days). She will grow fast if fertilised once a month during Spring and Summer.

Living with children and pets

Even though her pinky-greenery leaves look welcoming, it is best to keep her away from pets. But don't be sad! Take a look at our amazing family of Child and pet-safe plants.

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